The Company

Love and Light Canada is founded in August 2020. Our love and admiration for flowers and candles pushed us to pursue our dreams of owning a small business.
Our head office is in Toronto, Ontario Canada.
Candles & flowers give us an uplifting energy every time they are present. We have decided to incorporate these 2 things into 1 single product.
Love and Light Canada would like to share with you our candles curated with love by our very own founder. 


Our candles are crafted by gentle hands in small batches to ensure candle quality. We hand pour each candle with love, carefully arrange designs & cure in a timely manner.
We only use reputable 100% Soy Wax. Soy Wax burns slower compared to other wax which make our candles last longer. Soy Wax also ensures cleaner candle burn & less soot.
We have 2 variations for our wicks. Both wood and cotton wicks are coated with natural soy wax making them both eco friendly. The first collection (November 2020) all have cotton wicks). 
Our tins are 100 % reusable. Remove the remaining wax & wick with the help of cold water and you can use our tins as containers for little trinkets.
We have 3 packages to choose from.
1. Regular Packaging
2. Junior Upgrade (TBA)
3. Master Upgrade (TBA)