Meet our Founder

Love and Light Canada was borne out of Andrea Rubas' love & admiration for candles & flowers.

Our founder, with a degree in Education is a Toronto-based 9-5er who ventured into small candle business.

Formerly a licensed teacher, she has always appreciated plants, flowers, history & art – most especially visual, movement & decorative.


“Since I was a child, flowers have always been a part of my life. I grew up in the busy city of Manila with my loving mother and grand parents. I remember always being dressed in the most beautiful floral dresses & going to our humble town in Romblon during my 2-month summer vacation.
My grand mother, who has a green thumb has always shown me how to care for plants. We always pick up our own flowers from her garden and put it decoratively in our altar.
I am not always the smartest in class, but I have deep appreciation for history & biology.
I have always been buying candles, from the cheapest to the expensive ones as I love different scents whenever I am home, relaxing by the bed or tub or not.
I also love getting flowers for myself for home or work whether there is a special occasion or just a regular week. I also preserve some flowers by air drying or pressing them. Some of my pressed flowers are kept at home while some are still in my former classroom.
Up until now, flowers are visually present in my home, through my dried flower décor, textiles, accessories & clothes “



We aspire for Love and Light Canada to be present for any occasion, celebration or just pure relaxation. Each candle is hand poured with love, carefully arranged & cured with no rush. 

Welcome to Love and Light Canada. We hope you appreciate the same things that bring us happiness & support our small business.